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Sunday, 27 February 2011

fitting in

I try so hard to fit in no matter where i go, i feel that because im short or more curvy than most people they just dont want to talk to me, and well when i do fit in and they accept me...i feel that im not in place =[


  1. I think everyone feels that way. Like we are not accepted. Just remeber, everyone else is looking for your acceptance too.

  2. You don't think people want to talk to you because your short and curvey? Those are like two of my favorite things LOL =).

    Seriously though I relate to what you're saying I think. You feel like a third wheel a lot of the time even when it's just you and another person. Not that I have any insight for you other then be appreciative of those people who make you feel like your special; Your family, boyfriend, close freinds.

    updated 2/27/11

  3. Awww.. Sometimes, I feel the same, too. But, if you think you don't fit, it just means you have to strive harder or you're just meant to be with others who'll accept you for who you are. :)

    Well, I'm VERY curvy(chubby, okay? :D) but my friends don't care because they see the real me and they don't care about my looks.Sooo, hang on there, 'kay?

  4. Why try hard to fit in, being unique is soemtimes the best thing about most people. Find the place where you belong, don't make yourself fit somewhere