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I have a wonderful boyfriend who I've been with for a year and counting and i love him so much. i'm an outgoing person who loves to meet new people. i have a pet dog ( the one on my profile pic), birds and fish...oh and also comment on my blog and request me as a friend =P

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Me on the left when i was young with my old dog called Bolinhas <3 and to the right its my new puppy that i have now called Minnie <3

The first picture is me with my old dog the second picture is me with my dad and my two old dogs bolinhas and fofa and the last one is me now wid my puppy minnie <3


  1. awww I love dogs SO much. My favourite animals in the world :D

    Check my blog out too if you like :)


  2. AWWW! This is plain cuteness! :)